We welcome you to People Power Kids. We are multicultural family day care provider with a focus on enhancing and empowering children, parents, staff, and educators to create a world where differences are celebrated.

Our services offers home-based early childhood education and care within the family day care program, which is regulated under the Education and Care Services National Law (QLD) Act 2011 and Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011.

Our educational program is informed and underpinned by the Early Years Learning Framework for under school age children and My Time Our Place framework for school age care children. The basis for all planning for children is their interests. This means parents need to work in partnership with educators to ensure they are well informed and have are sharing their child’s interests, strengths and abilities.



Our Approved Provider is People Power Services (PPS). The principal purpose of PPS is the benevolent relief of suffering distress, misfortune, helplessness and disadvantage experienced by refugees and other vulnerable members of migrant communities. We aim to support the provision of quality child care which will see children grow in confidence and develop into active citizen. We know it takes a village to raise the child and by supporting this endeavour we have the opportunity to support our community to grow, and to enhance and empower children to sustain their cultural identity, build their self -esteem and learn and grow as citizens of Australia.

People Power Kids/People Power Services is member of QLD Social Enterprises Council and
Family Day Care Australia.


  •  People Power Kids values the early years as a unique time in children’s lives, a time for laughter, fun, and learning. We believe early education is the foundation for life success, a starting point for embedding the joy of life-long learning, health and wellbeing for children and their families.

  •  We embrace the opportunity to influence the lives of children and their family members within our community by providing safe and engaging environments for children to learning and development, while supporting families in their everyday parenting role.

  • We inspire educators to be the best they can be, to seek to learn more, to commit wholeheartedly to the endeavour of nurturing each child’s development and their human spirit. To recognise that learning can happen every moment of every day, and it is their job to “make the most of every moment.”

  •  We recognise children learn best when we focus on their abilities, celebrate their strengths, actively support their participation, and provide learning spaces that foster deep connection and positive, respectful interactions with children and their parents.

  • We seek to empower children, their parents, staff, and educators to create a world where differences are celebrated, reflection and inquiry are encouraged, and deep and meaningful connections with others occurs.


Honesty, Diversity, Cultural Inclusion, Life-long Learning

  • Honesty – in all aspects of our business and interactions with children, family members, staff, and other agencies, we behave with honesty and transparency.

  • Diversity – we examine our own personal biases and reflecting on why we think the way we do; create a safe space to ask questions and engage in conversations with colleagues and peers, adopting a team approach to promoting diversity and working for equity.

  • Cultural Inclusion – we recognise culture is at the heart of our identity and seek to build an inclusive environment that provides an opportunity for others to share what is important to them.

  •  Life-long Learning – we are committed to ongoing professional development, quality improvement, and critical reflection.

‘Children must be taught how to think, not what to think’ Margaret Mead

about family day care



Family day care is a unique, home-based childcare service providing quality care for children in the homes of experienced approved family day care educators, supported by our team at the People Power Kids Family Day Care Service. Our Educators have been carefully selected and monitored and supervised to ensure they o􀁷er a safe, nurturing and secure environment that meets the needs of children.

Educators are able to care for a maximum of 4 children under school age or 7 children in total including school age children (less than 12 years of age) including their own children

Children aged between the age of 6 weeks and 12 years are nurtured in a small group setting and through the educator’s individualised programming are encouraged to further develop their skills and knowledge. Educators are self-employed and determine what hours they work and who they take on as clients

We are proud of our

Best Infrastructure

Qualified Educators

Small Class Size

Infant Care from 6 weeks of age

Safe Environment

Lots of Fun Activities

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